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The Good Nith Gone Bad

As Quickly as it snuck up on me, today is Matt's birthday. Because of situations gone bad, he wanted to have his party the night before. I wasn't really down for it at the time but, it was his birthday and I owed it to him for (accidently) celebrating Dean's birthday with me.

So I went ahead and said yes. Long story short, the night went well until I placed two and two together and realized what exactly was going on. I honestly can't believe that it took me smoking about 3 blunts to realize my mistake.

I was never intended to go. They needed a 21 year old to buy the hotel room. I figured that part out first. I just wanted to smoke...the other part of the group was Matt, Steveo, Justin and Christine.

Apparently Matt and Tabbie were fighting with eachother and I knew I had seen Justin once before, I just couldn't put my finger on it.

I left to go get food and ciggarettes and when I come back I find Steveo and Justin outside waiting for me on the other side of the hotel. We went up to the room and Steveo began to open it but he was stopped by something on the other side of the door.

The way it was happening, it seemed fake. When the door was finally opened we were greeted by Matt with no shirt. Christine wrapped up in the bed sheet pretended to sleep.

Matt lays down next to her in the bed......mind you Christine is Matt's ex, I asked Matt: "Are you being a good boy?" He laughs and asks what do I mean?

So I asked him to stand up if he was. He couldn't. He said "No I don't want you looking at me in my boxers." Thats when I knew better.

I then realized where I had seen Justin before. In the appartment around the time Steveo and I went out on our first date. He is Steveo's ex boyfriend!? I didn't notice who he was because he grew facial hair

And then the night added up. For Matt's birthday they wanted to go and fuck with someone in a hotel getting drunk and fucked up. I was never ment to go in the first place. I was only there to get them the place and help them finace the room.

The drunker I got the more......into whats happening I got. The final straw was getting up and seeing Steveo with his arms wrapped around Justin. Obviously I still have feelings for Steveo, the angrier I got, the more the realization was there that I had to leave.

I ended up passing out in front of the room door and getting woken up by one of the clerks. Afterwards, I walked home drunk as all hell. I fell asleep woke up and puked my guts out for hours on end this morning.

I keep asking myself, why did I go? I do and don't regret going. What a fucking mess. On top of that, Jessie and I got pulled over by a fucking cop and we both got tickets for not wearing our seat belts. What a bitch.
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