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The Odd Night Outting

So yesterday afternoon, I awoken to clean the living room, the kitchen and then me and Shirley's room. As soon as I made it to the door to the room, I was greeted by the smell of shit.

Mind you, Laura's dog has been shitting and pissing on the floor and tearing up me and Shirley's things for at least two months. After I walked into the room, I noticed a huge pile of worm infested shit.

I cleaned it up and punished the dog. I walked back into the room and started to clean it. Until I ran into six of my shirts pissed and shit stained. I threw the shirts out and told Scott the second he got outta the shower.

He got the dog and locked him in the cage. Laura and Shirley got home and I walked to Laura and told her that her dog is too undisiplined and needed to be potty trained.

She got mad and she got upset and needless to say we argued. After hours of smoking with the neighbors, hours later I returned home to Laura packing her things.

After she asked me to help her take down the cage, like I told her in the text message, she needs help with the dog and I'll help her with him. She argued that and continued to pack. Shirley came home and we argued some more after she called me a prick.

Unbelievable, her dog shits on my clothes and I'm the prick. We eventually came to a understanding. I'm just not happy about the lies she said both to my face and to Jessie with I was at the neighbors' house.

During the argument, the ones I noticed I attacked and defended myself until I realized that the more I called her out, the more it was never going to end. So I backed down and let her have her way.

I don't understand how her dog can shit and destroy my things and I end up the bad guy. Makes no type of since. Either way, I'm just glad that we're passed it now and working around the dog pissing and shitting everywhere.

As of tonight, after work, I went to Matt's parent's house to try and find Matt to ask him about Jessie's money.I met his mother who told me that hes still having money trouble and that he doesn't live there anymore.

After leaving I got a phone call from Tabbie. Apparently Matt's temporarily staying with Steveo. Knowing the message would get sent, I decided to let Tabbie know what happened the night of Matt's party the other night.

After I got off the phone with her I sat down to enjoy a bowl of weed and right now watching a gay movie called the wedding banquet....smoking away.
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