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The Highest Day Ever

So yesterday, I worked from alittle before noon all the way to 10:30 at night straight. I was promised a hour break but, didn't get it (big suprise). I had planned on starting doing yoga as of like 3 or 4 days ago.

Needless to say, I haven't done it yet. I may start tonight. Which means that I'll have to stop smoking both weed and ciggarettes if and when I do.

I'm sure it'll happen though. Just later than what I both want and need to start.

My plan last night was to come home, take a shit, then a shower, lay down to watch some TV then go to sleep. But that didn't happen. Jessie came over and we played video games until about 6 in the morning. I then decided to start drawing alittle.

Trying to draw my naked men drawings, in my opinion I suck at it. Meaning that I feel that if I start to make another comic book......its gonna look shitty. But, I know I have to start somewhere.

I hate the idea of starting over in terms of drawing. I taught myself how to. I guess this means that I'll have to do it again.

Today at this moment in time, I'm both stoned and just fucked up. Snorted some oxyies and smoked some krip and some reggies and about three ciggarettes, needless to say, I'm feeling good.

The girls stopped me from playing a video games so they can watch a movie called The House Wife. I'm not upset, they watch odd movies. Movies I wouldn't think of watching. That end up sucking me in or knocking me out.

Either way, as long as their happy its cool. I can't have the TV all the time. Its kinda cool to even things out. Thats what roomies do anyway.

Anyway.........lost my train of thought. I'm so high and fucked up right now. I'm gonna leave and enjoy my high.....which was initially the thought I was going for just now....anywho, balls on your chin.
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