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Hypnotic At Its Finest

So last night I had to close for Shirley. Number one....I hate closing that store. One I suck at it and things have changed for closing in the past 8 years. It wasn't that bad customer-wise anyway.

The drains all clogged up and overflowed. So Melvin, Diana and I all had to place the water vac into the sink and suckout all the water which filled the vac every 20 seconds and when that happened, I had to empty it out by turning it off, unlock all 3 of the buckles, unplug the hose, carry the vac to the drive thru window and empty the contents out the window, go back to the kitchen, place the lid back on the vac, buckle the buckles back on, plug the hose back in and turn it on only to repeat the process again.

The whole thing took us one hour and some odd minutes. God I hate my job. Life sucks sometime.

First of all yesterday was my day off. Shirley wanted me to close for her so that she could rest. She deserves it though. Outta the four of us, she works the hardest. My thing is, for the past two weeks I've done alot for that place only to get screwed over plenty of times.

Daniel woun't even talk to me anymore because he thinks I was playing with him the whole time we were talking and planning to spend some time together to catch up and see if we'd end up boyfriends somewhere down the line.

That and alot of sleep. But I caught up on all that. Ha sleep........

After I came home though, I ended up smoking the finest weed drinking my favorite alcoholic beverage ever so far in 26 years of living. Hypnotic.

After asurring to Shirley that we were cool and I was never angry with her, David, Allan and I watched the Boondocks with her and just enjoyed the night.

Woke up and went to work this morning. Diane comes to me and tells me that all we had to do was take the plunger and use it on the drains. Drunk, high and confused all I could think about was Johnny saying "Its been like that for two weeks."

If it has, you mean to tell me that no one thought about using the plunger?!

That was my first thought but he told me that it wouldn't work. What was I thinking listening to him?

Home now. Going to check my myspace page. Balls on your Chin.
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