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The Night I Loved To Close After Seeing The Rap Show With Freaknik

So last night, after I got home, I watched the musical Freaknik. A cartoon musical about a ghost making rap fun.

Alot of rappers that I don't like or listen to were in it while the other rappers are ones I haven't heard in awhile.

I rather enjoyed it. I showed it to Ironman today and he loved it as well. He sold me some great green. We smoked it and I kept passing out.

I went to work to close. I hate closing. But tonight it wasn't that bad. A blonde girl came through and took 8minutes to order three things.

Her fries weren't done yet so I asked her to wait for them under a tree in the parking lot. She asked me "I don't see a tree."

I pointed to the tree and she says, "That tree isn't growing from the parking lot." After that she finally got the hint and moved to the under tree.

We had a truck tonight so as shes parking, the truck is moving out. She parks right in front of the truck. The truck guy gets out to ask her to move.

She then, she almost hits me while I'm walking out her food. Parks next to me with the passenger door is in front of me.

She waits for me to walk around the car just to unlock that door. I walk to the driver's window, hand her her food, and she says "Why didn't you open the door? It was a waste of energy walking around."

I laughed and went back to work.

I later ran into some people that I haven't seen since high school. They gave me a beer and I got drunk on the job.

Home now, kinda drunk but mostly taking a shit.
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