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The Price Of Flying Free

Nothing all that spectacular happened today. The past few days have been nothing but annoying for me. The roomies are all for moving out to Groveland Tuesday but I'm not.

I'm so tired of moving. For once I'd love to stay in one place with roomies I like in a area I like. What the fuck is wrong with people today?

What is wrong with just being happy with what you've got?

On top of that, somewhere between Scott, both Jessie the dog and Jessie my bong got broken and just yesterday, it got broken again.

On top of that, I can't jackoff tonight because Shirley and David wish to stay here in the living room/my room.

I hate this.

Only last week Friday was the only day that I could easily say that I've enjoyed these few days.

That was the day Jared and I went to the Megacon convention in Orlando. The more of these days go by the more I wish I was somewhere else.

Somewhere where I can be me. Somewhere I won't be bitched at just for living. Somewhere where I won't feel uncomfortable becuase of the constant drama that never seems to leave.

Don't get me wrong, I like my roommates. I just don't like their thinking patterns.

Where one is alittle too much like me (which isn't bad), between the other two, causing drama if not having it follow you everywhere and getting upset because your friends don't like the way they handle these things.......nevermind I'm going into a rant.

Their next thing is now trying to get yet another animal in here. Loli is here now. That makes three dogs, one cat and one snake.

They want another dog or skunk. Neither of which we need.

Between the now 5 of us, we are broke! We don't need another animal and we damn sure don't need to be moving anywhere.

Whenever they talk about moving, I get upset and unenthusiastic and they wonder why. I don't understand why they do though. Ever since this was brought up, I never liked the idea of moving.

Since I have no say so in the matter, I've got no choice but to go along for the ride. Now all of a sudden, apon moving they might need my help with my incomtax check (that hasn't even come in yet) for moving and helping them out with bills.

This is the kind of crap that I was talking about. Why are we moving out when we obviously aren't finacially stable to move.

Even with David here. I'm not seeing how this'll turn out good. Guess we'll be moving yet again sooner than later.

Maybe I'm complaining too much but, all I have to say is: Kill Me Now!!!!!
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