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The Week That Never Stops

One week ago Sunday, I had a small internal hemroid the day before I quit smoking for one week. The day after (this past sunday), I stayed the night at a friend's house whom I've had a crush on for months now.

That Monday night, I got high off pain killers with him and I let it slip that "I had a thing for him." He told me that night that he has the same feelings for me. After that ackward moment, we sat on his couch and watched Death Note.

We agreed that we should take things slow. I'm still not over Dean and hes not over his wife (separated but not divorced). We've been talking about having sex but, never happened.

Tuesady afternoon, I left his house and we started texting eachother. Hours went by and I'm out smoking bud with friends and I get a phone call from his roommate: Dans been in a car accident and has been air lifted to Orlando Medical.

He fell asleep at the wheel and hit a wall going 74mph.

Found out he broke his jaw, punctured his lung, and scratched his liver. Hes gonna be banged up but, hes gonna live. Through all this we all now know he had a pain killer problem.

After hes out of the hospital, hes going to rehab and then to live with his mother or father because he needs 24/7 supervision. So almost two years after Dean dies, I find someone else to fill that hole and this happenes to him.

Then after we find he'll be ok. Someone I used to go to school with died over $20. Brian Underwood. Brian died hours before but the same day Dan had his accident. I didn't know anything about Brian until Wednesday afternoon.

Then on Thursday, I had to take Dan's roommate Stephanie to the hospital because she was having trouble breathing. Turns out she had a panic attack on top of smoking alot.

So now that Dan won't be able to smoke anything working with one lung and all for awhile, Stephanie is giving away and selling his pipes and bongs.

My CDs were in his truck and his truck caught fire so they're gone. So now we're waiting on Dan to wake from his drug indused coma. What a mother fucking week from fucking hell.
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