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What A Horrible Chain Of Events

As of yesterday, I've had the most horrific two weeks of my lfe so far.

Two weeks ago Sunday, I was at Inuyasha's house staying the night when I had a slight pain in my ass. I didn't know what it was until Monday afternoon. It was a hemroid. To be more technical a internal hemroid.

The day that I quit smoking cigarettes. I have a extrememly painful hemroid thats doing nothing but killing my day. Which ended up being a week.

It left the Sunday after. So Sunday night I stayed with Inuyasha (Daniel) and that night we confided in eachother that as good of friends as we are, we have the same feelings for one another.

Of course we were high off our asses but, what makes that special is. During the talk, we didn't want things moving fast. That and I'm not completely over Dean passing and he wasn't over his wife Chyanne. So we decided to take it slow.

We stayed up most of the night watching anime and movies.

The Tuesday evening, I left him to go home. Hours went by and I eneded up hanging out with Matt and David and a few more of their friends. A hour prier to that I was on the phone talking to Stephanie (Inuyasha's/Daniel's roommate) about how we should approach him and talk to him about his pain killer addiction.

At the party, she calls me back and tells me that Inuyasha has been in a fatal car crash.

Long story short, it wasn't fatal but, it was bad. He fell asleep at the wheel and ran into a wall going 74mph. The truck caught fire but he got out.

He broke his jaw in three places, punctured his lung and it collapsed, and scratched his liver. Hes gonna be pretty banged up but, hes gonna live. Afterward, hes going into rehab and going to be either with his mother in Nebraska, or his father in Ohio.

Eitherway, on the assumption that hes going to be with either one of them, I may never see him again. And I just told this guy how I felt about him. What the fuck?!

That Wednesday I found out that a friend of mine from High School died over $20. Sure I found out the news the next day but, he died the same day Inuyasha had his accident.

Brian Underwood. Died over $20 fucking bucks.

That night I stayed with Stephanie cause since Inuyasha's accident shes in a finacial pickle. So I stayed for moral support.

Friday afternoon, I eneded up taking Stephanie to the hospital. She ended up having a panic attack and had trouble breathing. She came home that night and I stayed with her that night just to make sure she was fine.

Although I was expecting something to happen at this point, Saturday was nothing but stress from work.

Sunday.....yesterday, I found out that Inuyasha woke up Saturday night and he remembers nothing of the accident.

I eneded up taking about three of his bongs. I feel like shit smoking out of them but, he can't open his mouth for awhile and hes going to be working with one lung for a bit. I don't think he'll be using them anytime soon.

Its Monday now, and I finally got a chance to relax. As bummed out about this past week as I am, today was relaxing.

The girls went out to Disney all day and left me and David to fend for ourselves. We didn't care though. We had the day off and piece and quiet.

Well, I'm going with Stephanie to see him whenever we do. She said shes waiting for him to get his own room before she does.
Since he never got to finish it, I'm thinking about giving him my complete series of Death Note.
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