Black Godzilla (black_godzilla) wrote,
Black Godzilla

The Return From The Wicked Garden

Because of my lack of internet, I've decided to post a entry after finally getting the chance. I'm still at Wendy's sadly. Other than that nothings changed except me now having a fuck buddy. ha I call'em Venom but, his name's Brock, Brock Wilson.

Another tidbit might be, slowly but surely I find myself with a slow growing desire to draw again. I have a idea how I wanna get back into it. Its just I'm still depressed about Dean. Almost 4 years after his death, I'm still mourning.

I really didn't think that losing the man I love would ever effect me this bad.

Not proud of it but, my drug usage has expanded to meth. It seems to take the edge of of thinking about Dean and causes me to either geek out on a video game or mentally push me to draw. Its a awful habit but, right now it helps.

And Matt and I geeked out one night and turned into me sucking his dick for like two seconds and him jacking off in front of me. Matt, my spazick, vagina smashing, homophobic friend who I befriend as the little brother I never had. The other night....make that a week ago tonight, Greg, Matt and myself went out drinking with the night ending with Greg wanting to sexually experiment with sucking my dick. He did alright for his first time sure, its just he uses too much teeth. Ha

Currently I'm geeking out typing this. Ha but, the weed helps out too.
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